Exploring Dubai by water

Experience the Emirate’s extraordinary beauty from Jumeirah's unforgettable water excursions


Exploring Dubai by water

Experience the Emirate’s extraordinary beauty from Jumeirah's unforgettable water excursions

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Dubai’s coastline is a dramatic fusion of porcelain sand and sapphire shallows. From the water, the Emirate’s extraordinary beauty is most appreciated. Off the city shore, the sun-speckled sparkle of each wave crest complements the futuristic sheen of each high-rise; while, in the countryside, secluded covelets are perfect environments in which to step back in time and experience Dubai’s seaside heritage. Talk with any of our Jumeirah concierge teams to organise an unforgettable excursion into the deep blues of the Gulf.


Pearl Diving

Pearl diving was once the mainstay of the Dubai economy: the Emirate’s warm waters are ideal for oyster growth, and many local captains set sail up and down the coast in search of the most productive oyster beds. As a result of Dubai’s enviable trade position, its pearls were transported across the globe, from Scandinavia to Sri Lanka; soon Dubai had forged an impeccable reputation – so much so that Jacques Cartier visited at the turn of the 20th century in search of the finest pearls.

Today, pearl diving is in the midst of a high renaissance. Our concierge teams will happily arrange an unforgettable excursion out of Dubai and into the pristine oyster beds of the countryside. In the blissful stillness of the offshore shoals, immerse yourself in Dubai’s traditional history—and, if you’re lucky, claim one of its glimmering prizes.

burj al arab

Boat tours of Palm Jumeirah and Burj al Arab

Both Burj al Arab and Palm Jumeirah are synonymous with Dubai’s coastal opulence. The former is perhaps the most famous building in the UAE and has been stunning visitors with its sail-like silhouette and preeminent decoration for over 20 years. Meanwhile, Palm Jumeirah is a marvel of modern engineering, extending the Dubai coastline by over 300 miles. The manmade archipelago encompasses 16 fronds and an outer breakwater, and is home to several local species of wildlife. On a boat tour, enjoy both wonders as they were intended to be seen: from the sea.

Dhow Trips around Dubai

Taking in the changing skyline of Dubai from the water is quite an experience. From the low-rise elegance of the Palm to the dynamic towers piercing the sky, and the iconic sail of Burj Al Arab the shifting scenery is breathtakingly beautiful. Then there are the quieter lanes of Dubai Marina, and the backwaters of Dubai Creek – all taken in from the wooden decks of a traditional Arabian dhow.

Surfing lessons near the Burj al Arab

Burj Al Arab backdrops a pristine stretch of white-sand beach. Here, guests at Jumeirah may learn the art of surfing. The Gulf surf is ideal for beginners and first-timers. All along the beach, shallows extend out dozens of metres, saving prospective surfers the struggle of paddling through the breakers. The constant shallow depths make for changeless waves. Low-lying breakers roll in rhythmically, picking up momentum and riding gracefully into shore. Here, our concierge can pair you with an expert surf instructor who will have you riding waves in little time. Learn to hold your balance, rise into a wave, and stand securely—all the while gazing up at the shining Burj Al Arab.

Jumeirah Hotels and Resorts is thrilled to arrange all manner of unforgettable excursions for our guests. Just ask your concierge. #LiveTheMoment