DiningBurj Al Arab: Dubai's hottest culinary destination

Twenty years on, the iconic hotel is the city's most exciting and innovative place to dine

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From the day it opened in 1999, Burj Al Arab has been the watchword of unparalleled luxury in Dubai and an instantly recognisable global icon. In 2019 it welcomed two celebrity chefs, re-certifying its status as the hottest destination to dine in Dubai. Protégés of the famed Joël Robuchon’s School of Excellence, chefs Francky Semblat and Kim Joinié-Maurin, bring their brand of fine-dining flair to the hotel. From exquisite French flavours to the best Middle Eastern cuisine, you can taste a wealth of global dishes. Here we reveal the extraordinary restaurants that make Burj Al Arab Dubai’s most prestigious dining destination for epicureans.

Al Muntaha

After winning three Michelin Stars for his previous restaurants, chef Francky Semblat has elevated Al Muntaha’s French cuisine to delectable heights. Honing his skills across the world, the Joël Robuchon protégé’s signature dishes incorporate inspiration from his time in Paris, Hong Kong and Shanghai. Take the white cod enlivened with miso and pepper sauce, or hand-dived scallop with ginger, fregola risotto and ink tuille. It’s Al Muntaha’s air of refinement that completes the experience — with its crisp white linens and French finesse, it radiates unadulterated sophistication, while vast floor-to-ceiling windows allow you to look out over the majestic Dubai cityscape from the 27th floor.


Experience Côte d'Azur elegance and pared-back seafront sophistication at Scape. Perched over shimmering Gulf waters with striking ocean panoramas, this light, bright restaurant brings all the flavours of the Mediterranean to Dubai. Take a seat on the poolside terrace and relish carnaroli rice saffron risotto with scallops, finished with a thyme-infused chocolate cremeux and a refreshing white wine. For a lazy afternoon of pure bliss, Scape is Dubai’s best spot for a slow-paced lunch, with the warm salty breeze washing over you as you eat.

Scape Terrace Burj Al Arab Dining Dubai

Al Mahara

At Al Mahara you feel like you’re dining at the bottom of the Arabian Gulf in an underwater paradise. Dominating the room of this spectacular restaurant is a vast aquarium teeming with fish that glide past as you dine. Helmed by Kim Joinié-Maurin, a two-Michelin-star-winning chef in previous restaurants, Al Mahara’s innovative seafood dishes take on an experimental flavour, thanks to his multicultural background. French, with Korean, Australian and Vietnamese heritage, Kim Joinié-Maurin’s unique creations include the creamiest fromage frais topped with wafer thin eel slices and indulgent caviar, and king crab with daikon, honey and a sherry vinaigrette.

Al Iwan

Al Iwan is all about traditional Arabian dining in the most sumptuous of surroundings. Bedecked in gold and ruby red tones, the ornamental restaurant is a jewel in Burj Al Arab's culinary crown. Enjoy Middle Eastern mezze and regional delicacies in a romantic candlelit dinner. From tender lamb ouzi, to melt-in-your-mouth cheese kunafa, each dish encapsulates the flavours and textures of classic Arabian cuisine.


Discover a wealth of global dishes, from exquisite French flavours to the best Middle Eastern cuisine, when you stay at Burj Al Arab Dubai.