A splash of colour at Burj Al Arab

Exciting art events taking place this spring


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This year we are ushering in spring festivities with a splash of colour at Burj Al Arab. Artists from all over the world will come together to celebrate the architectural wonder of our sail-shaped icon, Burj Al Arab, through the power of art, design and innovation. Here are some of the exciting happenings to keep an eye out for:


The Art Maze

Running from 23-27 March 2022

To honour the 50th anniversary of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, the Burj Al Arab’s helipad, which hovers 212 metres above the shimmering Arabian Gulf, will be transformed into a 12 metre high labyrinth of metal and art. Conceptualised by art visionary and curator Marcus Schaefer, the maze aims to reconnect society with 30 historic sites around the globe.

This innovative structure will feature the latest collection of works by Sacha Jafri, one of the world’s most celebrated artists. Showcasing 30 acrylic and oil paintings depicting World Heritage Sites from around the world, the maze will allow visitors to choose their own path and in turn, create an experience where the journey is the destination as envisioned by Schaefer. Jafri explains his ideas as “in a world where the metaverse is becoming more of a reality, and where online and physical living is fully integrated, this project is about reconnecting Humanity to the beauty that surrounds us by re-establishing links with our heritage and cultural history.” The Art Maze will tour the world from 2022 to 2023, adding a splash of colour to all continents.

Paintings by Jafri at The Art Maze


Live painting by Sacha Jafri

Unveiling date: March 2022

Credited within the ranks of the world’s most expensive paintings sold by a living artist, British-born visionary and philanthropist Sacha Jafri’s recent work was sold for $62 million. Not only has he taken the art world by storm, Jafri also holds the record for having raised the most amount of money for humanitarian causes and charitable foundations. His initiative ‘Humanity Inspired’ is one of the largest social, artistic and philanthropic initiatives having received awards by the United Nations for his contributions. This year Jafri will be “capturing the heart and soul of a beautiful nation with values of mobility, sustainability and opportunity, united in responsibility and ambition; grounded by its deep-rooted sense of history and heritage with communities made up of strong family values and a more conscious understanding of the consideration of others” through the first-ever live painting on the incredible floating helipad.

His work, ‘We Rise Together - with spirit and empathy’ will be unveiled in March to an audience, after which it will be framed and displayed at the charming Sal restaurant at Burj Al Arab. Soak in the vibrant colours of the work during a meal at Sal, Dubai’s favourite beach club offering Mediterranean dining.

Sacha Jafri on the Burj Al Arab Helipad


Galleria Continua at Burj Al Arab

Running until 30 April 2022

One of the leading contemporary art galleries of the world, Galleria Continua has unveiled a chic exhibition space on the first floor of Burj Al Arab beneath the colourful and iconic atrium. Italian artist Loris Cecchini presents a collection titled, Aeolian Landforms and other Particles at the venue this spring. Her works address themes of metamorphosis, natural phenomena and biological structures through innovative techniques of design. For instance, she uses a range of monochromatic surfaces to highlight erosive effects of air and water amidst various natural formations.

Interestingly, Cecchini’s work ‘Wallwaves Vibrations’ is created such that when removed from its frame, it blends into the wall and becomes one with the architecture. This allows the painting to lose its status as an external object and takes the viewer on an experience where boundaries of the internal and external world are blurred. Explore her perspectives on natural and emotional landscapes with an array of installations, sculptures and bas-reliefs.

The vibrant atrium at the Burj Al Arab lobby


Catch the buzz of artistic excitement at Burj Al Arab with some of the most unique and innovative experiences this spring.