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At the heart of an archipelago in the Arabian Gulf, Abu Dhabi is a city of the sea filled with culture, history and monumental feats of architecture – from the French-Arabic design of the Louvre museum to the white marble façade of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. Sprawling towers, bobbing yachts, racing cars, and strutting flamingoes – it’s fair to say there’s plenty to see in Abu Dhabi. Fortunately the enterprising Emirate is well aware of this, and so you’ll find more than a few restaurants boasting beautiful panoramic views. Here we present seven of our favourites.

Jumeirah at Etihad Towers Rosewater Terrace



Elevated by the creative verve of its head chef, Roudy Peterson, Catch has a culinary character of its own. Here you’ll find gourmet seafood served with elements of theatre, signature cocktails and panoramic scenery over the Arabian Gulf, and the sandy stretch of the Corniche. Unique décor, contemporary music, fresh seasonal ingredients and Pan-Asian flavours combine for a dining experience you won’t forget in a hurry.


Li Beirut

The welcoming, low-lit ambiance and rich colours of Li Beirut is sure to leave a lasting impression. This vegan-friendly restaurant offers traditional Lebanese cuisine with a hint of European influence. And its location is ideal, overlooking the waterways and islands of the archipelago. Dine here for Middle Eastern classics, delicacies and tantalising inventions, from Arabic mixed grills to seasoned king fish fillets.


The Cipriani

The Cipriani Abu Dhabi was designed by acclaimed Florentine architect Michele Bonan to reflect the staying power of four generations of the Cipriani family. A pristine terrace extends over Abu Dhabi and the Yas Marina, offering an unbeatable view of the Formula One racetrack. The restaurant upholds a philosophy of simple perfection, and the à la carte menu is bursting with signature dishes like the carpaccio alla Cipriani – a dish Giuseppe Cipriani Sr. first created in 1950.


Mare Mare

Italian for ‘sea’, Mare Mare is the perfect name for this waterside Italian restaurant at the Jumeirah at Saadiyat Island Resort. Enjoy a long lunch immersed in rural Italian décor, digging into classic dishes made with locally-sourced ingredients. A highlight is the freshly caught seafood, served on an open-air terrace beside turquoise waves and white sands.


Al Mabeet

Do as nomads do and dine in laidback Bedouin style at this high-end restaurant at the Jumeirah Al Wathba Desert Resort & Spa. Relax in the desert tranquility with views that stretch to the horizon while you indulge in traditional Arabic cuisine. There’s also the bonus of being close to the  where you’ll find manicured gardens, a sauna, steam rooms and even an invigorating snow cave.

Jumeirah Al Wathban Al Mabeet 23


Aquarium, Yas Marina

For a restaurant that’s elegant, relaxed and moments from the water, Aquarium is the perfect choice. Inside you’ll be presented with sweeping views and a menu of delicious lobster, sushi and paella. Tuck into fresh seafood, and recline with a refreshing drink, in a comfortable seating area that offers front row seats overlooking the marina.


Observation Deck at 300

Finally, if you want a view that towers above all others, head skywards, 300m above the twinkling city, to Jumeirah’s own Observation Deck at 300 at Jumeirah at Etihad Towers. Take in the archipelago as you enjoy afternoon tea or a light lunch on the 74th floor as the Emirates stretch for miles into the distance.

Observation deck at Jumeirah Etihad Towers


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