WellnessMeditation and Wellness at Jumeirah Muscat Bay

On a journey to holistic wellbeing, discover mindful practices of meditation

Experience the utmost relaxation and connect with your mind, body and soul on your next escape at Jumeirah Muscat Bay. Our classes for guided meditation and pranic healing are designed to suit all individual needs and help rejuvenate the mind by practicing awareness of one's own self and breath.

Book a mindful practice suited to your needs now:

Singing Bowl Meditation

Level: All levels
Time: Preferably afternoon or evening
Therapeutic healing through sound bowl music which helps release physical, emotional and mental tiredness or stress. It helps to induce effective and restful sleep.

Pranic Healing

Type: One to one therapy only
Time: Available throughout the day
A form of untouch therapy, which can be practiced with or without crystals. It focuses on releasing one's suppressed emotions, mental conflicts and any unwanted stress. Helps to elevate your mood and provide feelings of joyfulness.

Mindful Walk

Level: All levels, preferably groups
Time: Morning or evening

A breath-taking nature walk, led in complete silence to help become physically and mentally aware of oneself. Experience stillness and soak in the wonders of Oman's natural beauty during your walk and end with a gentle Om chant or simple humming sounds.