Join our in-house yogi for private and group sessions

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However you choose to go about your yoga – be it routinely or once in a blue moon – we've got classes to suit, in the locations of your dreams.

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Aerial Yoga


  • This practice works with gravity to relax and readjust the body, centre the mind and uplift the spirit. It allows you to experience physical release, energy flow and heightened awareness of body and breath.


Kids Yoga


  • This session combines yoga and play in a fun way. It’s great for building strength and flexibility or for improving self-confidence. Check out our weekly in-house schedule to see when Kids’ Yoga will be held at the Kuda Koli Kids Club.


Sunset Yoga


  • Join our yoga instructor at B4R for relaxing and rejuvenating Sunset Yoga, open to both beginners and advanced yogis. Check our in-house wellness calendar for the timings of this complimentary group yoga session.


Hatha Yoga 


  • Perfect for those who have never practiced yoga before, this workshop is designed for all levels as you learn yoga in a relaxing, supportive and peaceful environment. During this session, the focus will be on the fundamentals of breathing, posture and alignment. 


Dynamic Yoga 


  • This type of yoga uses body movements to release dynamic energy throughout your body. It activates your nervous system, and prepares you for a busy day.


Ashtanga Yoga 


  • We welcome both beginners and intermediates for this session. This practice works on yoga fundamentals while connecting movements with breathing in a fluid sequence of postures. This athletic flow session is designed to physically challenge and mindfully awaken your energies. 


Yoga Nidra 


  • Yoga Nidra is about being in a state of ‘conscious deep sleep’, offering a profound relaxation of body and mind. It helps to reduce anxiety and improve your ability to cope with the stresses of everyday life.




  • Pranayama are breathing techniques that enable us to lengthen and control our breathing through a series of exercises that work through our lungs and torso to regulate the flow of 'prana' (life force) in the body.




  • With meditation we cleanse, heal, balance and energise our energy centres responsible for physical and mental wellbeing. Meditation channels the energy circuit throughout, keeping you physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy.


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