Jumeirah at Saadiyat Island Resort

Hydroponic Farm

Sustainable farming flourishes through soilless techniques, nurturing health and vitality


In line with an unwavering commitment to sustainability, Jumeirah Saadiyat Island Resort has introduced an advanced hydroponic farm. This cutting-edge farm showcases the ability to enhance production, accelerating the growth of crops, and thereby augmenting the resort's share of locally sourced produce. This initiative serves as a symbol of the resort's dedication, not just to environmental preservation, but also to leading the way toward a more environmentally conscious future in the hospitality industry.

  • Beyond Organic
  • Nurtured from non-GMO seeds with help of soil-less technique in sterile environment significantly increases crop quality. This method not only ensures the purity of each plant but also fosters a natural and eco-friendly cultivation process.

  • From Farm To Table
  • The hydroponic farm's crop selection is tailored to the specific needs of the Jumeirah Saadiyat Hotel Resort. These carefully cultivated crops are delivered directly from the farm to the table, playing a pivotal role in the unparalleled freshness of the White Brunch experience. Beyond the culinary benefits, it significantly diminishes the carbon footprint.

  • Harvest Optimised
  • The hydroponic farm revolutionizes produce harvesting by utilizing 90% less water. With a fully automated process and advanced technologies, crops experience a 30% acceleration in growth. These two integral components play a crucial role in forging a healthier, greener tomorrow.