Zabeel House The Greens

Staying Sustainable

Working towards a more sustainable future

Zabeel House The Greens

Staying Sustainable

Working towards a more sustainable future

Zabeel House By Jumeirah the Greens: Leading the Way in Sustainable Hospitality

Welcome to Zabeel House by Jumeirah The Greens, where luxury meets sustainability. In an age where environmental responsibility is paramount, our hotel is proud to share a range of initiatives across various departments, demonstrating our commitment to reducing our ecological footprint without compromising on the quality of our guest experiences.

Food and Beverage Initiatives:

  • Sprudel Closed Loop Bottling System: Say goodbye to single-use plastic bottles! We've introduced Sprudel across our outlets, offering a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to bottled water.

In partnership with planet-friendly water company, Sprudel, this system will replace single-use plastic bottles with refillable glass water bottles, which will be branded with “Less Plastic, More Fish”, highlighting the impact of long-term sustainable practices across the hotel’s guest rooms as we continue to create a culture of conscious and sustainable living.

Tested and approved by the Dubai Municipality, our filtration system also removes 99.9% of impurities from our water, enhancing the taste and ensuring the highest quality for all our guests and colleagues.

  • Green Meeting Room Package: Elevate your business meetings with our Green Meeting Room package, designed to offer eco-friendly options and practices for your events.
  • Sustainable Packaging: Our commitment to sustainability extends to our take-away offerings. Experience guilt-free indulgence with our plant-based bags, "I'm not plastic straws," and wooden cutlery.
  • Local Supplier Collaboration: We work closely with local suppliers to provide our guests with a sustainable experience while simultaneously reducing our carbon footprint.
  • Zero Waste Cocktail Programme: Innovation meets sustainability in our F&B with the zero-waste cocktail program, emphasizing responsible beverage preparation.
  • Segregation Bins: At Zabeel House the Greens, we believe in responsible waste management. Across all our outlets, segregation bins are strategically placed, encouraging guests and staff to separate glass, plastic, cans, and general food waste.

Housekeeping Initiatives:

  • Biodegradable Bags: Our housekeeping team uses biodegradable bags, contributing to a reduction in plastic waste and a cleaner planet.
  • Linen Card: Responsible use of linens is ensured through our linen card system, promoting sustainable laundry practices.
  • Liquid Dispensers: To minimize single-use plastic, individual toiletry amenities have been replaced with liquid dispensers in guest bathrooms.
  • Non-Smoking Rooms: We prioritize indoor air quality and guest well-being by designating specific rooms as non-smoking.

    Front Office Initiatives:

    • Reusable Glass Bottles: Single-use plastic bottles are out, and reusable glass bottles are in. Join us in reducing plastic waste one bottle at a time.
    • Paperless Transactions: Embrace a digital future with our paperless credit card machines and invoicing systems, minimizing paper consumption and maximizing convenience.
    • Bicycle Offerings: Explore the city in an eco-friendly way! We offer bicycles to in-house guests, promoting a healthier and more sustainable mode of travel.
    • Recycling Practices: We actively recycle paper for report printing and use wooden key cards, emphasizing our commitment to sustainability.
    • Kids Amenity: Even our youngest guests can experience eco-friendly luxury with amenities designed specifically for children.

    Engineering Initiatives:

    • Earth Hour Participation: Join us in the global movement! We actively participate in Earth Hour, demonstrating our commitment to energy conservation and climate change awareness.
    • Energy Management: Our hotel employs advanced energy management systems to optimize energy usage, ensuring efficiency and sustainability.
    • Waste Reduction and Recycling: Comprehensive waste reduction and recycling programs are in place, contributing to a circular economy.
    • Water Management: We prioritize water conservation through our water management initiatives, minimizing wastage and promoting responsible usage.

    Apart from these initiatives Zabeel House by Jumeirah the Greens is proud to partner with local communities that promote sustainability such as the pop-up vegan market “Not Just for Vegans” wherein the event promotes immersive experience catering to both committed vegans and those interested in the plant-based lifestyle. The Vegan Market which showcases a range of stalls including food and beverage will be hosted indoors within the lobby of Zabeel House. The event brings together a curated selection of sustainable and vegan brands, providing an opportunity for both shoppers and vendors to engage in eco-conscious practices.

    Beyond its commitment to sustainability, the lifestyle-boutique hotel serves as a dynamic hub for emerging Dubai artists, offering visitors a vibrant space to immerse themselves in the world of art. By integrating sustainable practices into its operations, the hotel not only embraces eco-friendly initiatives but also fosters a creative environment that supports local artists. This dual focus on sustainability and the arts not only enhances the overall guest experience but also exemplifies the hotel's dedication to a holistic and socially responsible approach to hospitality.

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