ExperiencesInside Burj Al Arab: An Exclusive Tour

Discover the untold stories of Dubai’s iconic landmark.

For the first time in its history, Burj Al Arab will now welcome visitors to explore and experience its wonders, first-hand, through an intriguing journey of discovery.


What’s Inside

An immersive 90-minute journey of reliving history, capturing memorable moments and experiencing ultimate luxury while on a privately guided tour.

Inside Burj Al Arab Welcome Lounge


Iconic Photo Moments

With countless opportunities to capture your very own iconic moments, Inside Burj Al Arab provides access to the most coveted backdrops, from exteriors to interiors.

Inside Burj Al Arab Iconic Photo Moments


Elevate Your Experience

Select your preferred date and time for the tour, throughout the day, and view various culinary options to choose from. Have the option of ending your tour with fresh juices and pastries in the morning, an afternoon tea during sunset hours or a three-course dinner.


Inside Burj Al Arab Boutique

Discover a range of curated and custom-branded souvenirs, products and merchandise. Take a piece of your experience home with you.

Inside Burj Al Arab Retail