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Yoga is a pathway that opens your heart while teaching inner balance through inner discovery


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“Yoga is a pathway to open your heart, finding inner balance by embracing your transformation through rejuvenation and inner discovery. By staying true to yourself and discovering your core, serenity will resonate within and transform you to a blissful being.” Sajan Thomas, Yoga Guru.

From sunset yoga on the beach to asanas in an open-air desert pavilion, our yoga experiences offer you a journey of awakening. For thousands of years the ancient art of yoga has been practiced to enhance the body’s strength, posture and alignment. It’s our philosophy that whatever your level of ability, under the guidance of our expert instructors you will build muscle tone, settle the mind and find a calming sense of equilibrium. At Jumeirah, we are committed to delivering exceptional yoga in dynamic spaces and studios to help you manifest your wellness goals.

Yoga Jumeirah


All abilities welcome

Whether you are new to yoga and would like to discover the practice for yourself, or you are a dedicated yogi, our welcoming classes held at Jumeirah's Talise Spas are suitable for all levels and flexibilities. Attune yourself to the power of your own life force with private one-on-one sessions with our yoga gurus.

Expert yoga teachers


Places to find your flow

With state of the art studios and yoga facilities, our hotels across the world offer the perfect surroundings to restore and reground by practicing your poses. In Jumeirah Port Soller Hotel & Spa’s studio overlooking the rugged Tramuntana Mountains in Mallorca, you can find balance with our world-class facilities.

Yoga classes


Diverse yogic disciplines

At the forefront of all yoga trends and disciplines, our hotels offer an alluring array to find your flow with. Yogis looking to deepen their practice can do so with everything from gentler Hatha Yoga to more vigorous Ashtanga Yoga. Our kids’ yoga classes are a fun and gentle way to immerse little ones into the rhythm of yoga. Yoga classes and workshops at our Talise Spas also offer complementary rituals like meditation and pranayama breath work.


Find your inner balance and a embark on a journey of awakening when you stay at Jumeirah's hotels & resorts.