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As Dubai's summer heat subsides, it’s time to get back outdoors and make the most of the emirate’s gorgeous shoulder season. Whether you’d prefer to battle rapids, or leisurely explore the coast, here are our favourite outdoor activities in Dubai:

Al Naseem Beach


Wild Wadi

Wild Wadi is about as synonymous with Dubai as it gets. Opened in the late 90’s, the park shocked the world with how wacky, ridiculous, and unbelievably exciting a waterpark could be. Over 20 years later and it is still Dubai’s premier theme park, complete with death-defying slide drops, tsunami-inducing wave pools, surf simulators and everything in between. On a warm day, nothing beats the Wadi.


Dune bashing

If there’s one thing that remains the same, despite Dubai’s ever-changing cityscape, it’s the exhilarating culture of dune bashing. A short drive from the emirate capital are the majestic red sands of Dubai’s dunes. This picturesque landscape is ideal for high-octane off-roading. Every day, intrepid 4x4s take to the dunes to rev up and speed down the incredible hills of sand. As a jeep flies up a dune, at an almost 45 degree angle, red sand swarms around its sides. No other activity quite combines the high energy of Dubai and the pristine beauty of its amazing scenery. And, what better way to end an unforgettable experience than by watching the sun set over the city in the distance? Your Jumeirah concierge or private butler will happily arrange a trip for you.

Desert safari



The Dubai coastline has mile-upon-mile of white sand and blue sea, and there's no better way to make the most of it than through the exhilarating world of watersports. Embrace the early morning and take a paddleboard across the waking sea, or take full advantage of the still waters and whiz up the coast on water skis, the iconic skyline of Dubai zooming past. From kayaking to scuba diving, Dubai’s watersports scene has it all.

Watersports Mina A Salam


Dubai's parks

With the vertical plunges and Hollywood themes of Motiongate, the enchanting blockbuster spectacles of Bollywood Parks, as well as the wondrous creations of Legoland Dubai and Legoland Water Parks, entire weeks could be spent experiencing all that Dubai's Parks have to offer. Add in the retail haven and picturesque beauty of Riverland, and there’s enough to keep you occupied even longer.



Hatta is Dubai’s pristine outdoor zone and is absolutely perfect for shoulder season. Its rocky mountain passes are amazing for cycling and for hiking, while Hatta Lake is probably the UAE’s most beautiful place to kayak, surrounded by steep cliff faces of red rock. You can also explore the Hatta Heritage village, recently restored to bring Dubai’s traditional culture to life.

Hatta Lake


Outdoor bootcamp

As the bootcamp fitness craze continues to take the world by storm, embrace the more moderate Dubai weather and spice up your workouts outside. Dotted around Jumeirah Beach Hotel are several Talise Boot Camps, focusing on callisthenics and endurance training designed to take your fitness to the next level.


Hot air ballooning

Dubai's desert is even more extraordinary from a hot air balloon. The massive dunes, from up high, resemble smooth, cresting waves, while the incredible scale of the desert can be fully appreciated. Recently, Balloon Adventures Dubai partnered with Royal Shaheen falconers to deliver the joys of falcon racing thousands of feet in the air. It is an utterly unique and totally mesmerising experience.


Deep sea fishing

The Gulf’s warm waters make it an ideal habitat for all kinds of different marine life, and when the summer’s heat has dissipated, there’s nothing holding you back from a day at sea. As sea temperatures drop, grouper and kingfish come back to the Gulf’s temperate waters, while snappers and catfish are found throughout the year. Private and shared trips are available; just ask your concierge or private butler.


To begin your outdoor adventure, browse our Jumeirah Dubai hotel collection and plan the trip of a lifetime