Introducing Dezerved

Access unique content and exclusive offers from luxury brands on Dezerved


What is Dezerved?

Dezerved is private online lifestyle platform featuring an array of the world’s most loved and most innovative luxury brands. Changing each month, Dezerved features a fresh selection of curated branded content, and unique special offers on luxury fashion, watch, jewellery, technology, and wellness products.

As a Jumeirah One Member you can now enjoy complimentary access to the platform, and utilise your Jumeirah One Points, to unlock exclusive prices with high-demand brands or learn about the latest lifestyle trends and releases.

Why join Dezerved?

To be inspired…
Dezerved’s luxury experts and experienced lifestyle consultants work collaboratively with incredible brands to bring inspirational and informative content tailored to your high-end lifestyle.

To utilise your points…
Using innovative technology, Dezerved offers a new way to spend your Jumeriah One Points with incredible value.

To be the first to know…
Harnessing a truly global luxury network allows you to stay up to date with the latest trends and releases from the brands you love.

To access unique offers…
Redeeming just a few Points unlocks exclusive prices only available on the Dezerved platform. Making those special purchases all the more satisfying.

To be part of an exclusive online community…
Joining Dezerved provides access to a private online community comprising of like-minded individuals who are looking to find and purchase items from leading brands and new concepts designed to elevate the lifestyles of each member.

How to unlock your Dezerved access with Jumeriah One

Your Jumeirah One membership entitles you to complimentary access to the Dezerved portal. You will be requested to sign-up to access Dezerved, for which there will be no charge.

To sign up to Dezerved and gain entry to the portal, simply follow these simple steps:

  1. Click the link* and hit ‘sign up’
  2. Enter your Jumeirah One email address (or membership number) and password
  3. Start browsing the platform.

Once signed up, revisiting the platform is even easier.

Simply hit ‘log in’ on and select the Jumeriah One Logo to enter your credentials (the same used to register).

What to expect on Dezerved

Dezerved serves up a blend of video and editorial pieces developed by a team of industry experts to alert Members to the last trends, releases, new concepts, and unique collaborations from luxury brands across the globe.

The specific brands featured on Dezerved change on a monthly basis, however the quality and prestige of each brand is assessed by the Dezerved team to ensure that each month you are being show brands that reflect your unique lifestyle. Some of these brands may be globally recognised, with a long history, others will be innovative new challengers.

Example of the brands featured include Farfetch, Omega, Parmigiani Fleurier, Gucci and Harmon Kardon.

Exclusive Offers
The exclusive offers on Dezerved come in the form of cash plus Points. This means that you can use you Jumeirah One Points to purchase speciality items for a cash price that is lower than retail. These types of offers allow for purchases to be made directly on the Dezerved platform.

Voucher Offers
Along with a curated selection of exclusive offers, Dezerved also features vouchers that can be purchased by redeeming Points only. These vouchers can then be used on specific brand or retailer websites to reveal a special price on a broader selection of items.

Please make sure to consider each voucher terms and conditions before purchase as some vouchers are only be redeemable on selected sites and may come with restrictions on certain items or collections.

Join Dezerved* today through your Jumeirah One membership.


*This link will take your away from the Jumeirah website