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تعهدات الطعام للمناسبات الخاصةجميرا للضيافة

Make an impression that lasts

Dedicated to perfection

If you’re launching a new product, beginning an exciting project, hosting a private party or holding a prestigious event, you need a catering team with the facilities and credibility to make it perfect. 

Jumeirah Hospitality offers an all-encompassing service, with complete freedom of choice — your event could be held at your office, amid cascading sand dunes, or even out at sea. Whether we’re catering for 20 or 9,000 people, we deliver the internationally-recognised standards of luxury that you’d expect from Jumeirah Hotels and Resorts. 


Unrivalled service

Our team has the expertise to implement unique ideas and ingenious solutions that can take your event to the next level. But it’s their dedication, personable approach and genuine Arabian hospitality that makes our service truly special.

Serving your guests, will be our professionally trained culinary teams, comprising over 60 different nationalities. We use only the finest of local and international ingredients, and never compromise on quality or selection.


State-of-the-art technology

Great entertainment is crucial to the success of any event. سواء كنت تستضيف شخصيات دولية أو كبار مديرين تنفيذيين بالشركات أو عملاء وشركاء أعزاء، فأكثر ما يهمنا هو ترك انطباع لا يُنسى. تستطيع جميرا للضيافة ترتيب وتقديم خدمة تعهدات الطعام لأي حفل أو مناسبة أو عرض تقديمي تطلبه. Staging, the latest audio-visual and video equipment, lighting, and music will all be expertly managed by us.

لمزيد من المعلومات وحجز المواعيد:

Tel: +971 4 366 6528
Email: jumeirahhospitality@jumeirah.com

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