WellnessFind your zen: a guide to yoga and meditation in Bali

With its breathtaking landscapes and spiritual culture, Bali is a key destination for yoga and meditation. Here are the best places to practise

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The mysticism of Bali is endlessly alluring for spiritual wanderers. Ancient Hindu temples pepper the island’s verdant mountains, while delicate floral offerings to the gods are everywhere you turn. With sweeping green rice terraces, rugged cliffs and volcanic sands, Bali’s mesmerising landscapes invite contemplation and justify its title as the Island of the Gods. If you’re lured by Bali’s magnetic beauty or treading a spiritual path, you’ll find all manner of wellness-based retreats, from outdoor yoga studios to meditation classes. Nurture your mindfulness rituals with our guide to yoga and meditation in Bali.

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Bali: A spiritual explorer’s dream

Balinese philosophy and the island’s ancient places of worship have made it a draw for those who practice yoga and meditation. Deeply rooted in Hinduism, the Balinese are innately spiritual, living in harmony with nature and those around them. Ceremony underpins every aspect of Balinese life, with homes receiving daily blessings and incense offerings radiating from shrines. It’s said there are more temples in Bali than houses. From grand, multi-tiered pagodas to humble shrines in sleepy villages, ancient temples suffuse its landscape with an intensely spiritual ambience.

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Yoga in Bali

Located in the beachside town of Canggu, The Practice is a serene retreat dedicated to wellbeing. Star of the show is its circular, open-air bamboo studio overlooking rice fields; an inviting space to take to your mat. The Practice’s Classes are held seven times a week and encompass a vast array of yogic disciplines of Hatha, from Moon and Sun to Fire. The Practice is a must visit for serious yogis seeking to find their flow.

Practice your asanas al fresco in Morning Light Yoga’s majestic teak yoga temple, with a 360 of jungle canopies. Located at Uluwatu on Bali’s south-westerly tip, the outdoor studio is filled with sounds of mother nature and the sights of rolling waves in the distance. Twice daily classes offer tuition for all levels.

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Specialising in the more invigorating Ashtanga Yoga, Samadi Bali is a retreat dedicated to healing and renewal, west of Denpasar. Connect with others during a yoga classes or take your practice deeper with a personalised private session. With a holistic approach to wellness, Samadi Bali has a delicious organic kitchen and spa, so energise yourself with some nourishing food post-yoga session.

If you’re looking to practise within the privacy of your suite in Bali, book a certified teacher to visit the hotel through Yoga at My Place. Classes are an hour long and will help you brush up on your poses and breathwork before winding down with a meditation.

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Meditation in Bali

The whole purpose of yoga is to prepare the body for meditation. To strengthen your core and posture so you can sit comfortably and invite mental clarity. In Bali, there are countless places to hone your meditation practice. For an intense period of self-exploration, Bali Silent Retreat is a self-sustaining eco-sanctuary that holds twice daily, partially guided meditation sessions.

For solo meditation, there’s nowhere more magical than Jimbaran Bay at sunset. Close to Jumeirah Bali, this serene spot is where you can find inner silence and solitude as the sun dips below the waves. Perched high atop the cliffs a little further south, Uluwatu Temple is another stunning place for meditation as its maze of pathways and shrines invite contemplation. One of the six key temples considered Bali’s ‘spiritual pillars’ this transcendent place of worship snakes its way along a jagged cliff top as waves crash 70 metres below.