FitnessTalise Fitness at Jumeirah Vittaveli

Let the ocean views from our overwater gym inspire your new workout

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Stay in shape at our state-of-the-art overwater gym. Draw inspiration from panoramic views of the Indian Ocean as you enjoy world-class equipment in our fitness centre. Breathe new life into your workout with a complimentary personal training session. We also offer training on the beach, from circuit training to stretching classes.

For those more interested in balancing body and mind, we offer private and group yoga sessions. 

Talise Fitness Activities


This gentle form of exercise concentrates on building core strength, endurance and flexibility without adding extra muscle bulk. It involves a series of controlled movements that engage both body and mind. Our beginner’s class generally consists of gentle movements done on a mat. The primary focus is on awareness of the spine, breathing, core strength and flexibility. Regular Pilates training can result in a balanced body that is strong and supple, with a flat stomach, lean legs and a strong back.

Thai boxing

Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee with our awesome boxing circuit training. This energising workout includes pad work, weight and cardio training.


This is an exercise that focuses on improving balance and core stability through the use of a fitball (a large inflatable ball) alongside basic exercise movements. The instability of the fitball ensures the postural muscles are constantly working and making small adjustments in order to maintain balance of the body. This results in better posture, toned muscles and cardiovascular efficiency.


Our stretching classes are easy and require no equipment. These sessions are designed to lengthen muscles, increase muscle flexibility and improve the range of motion of body joints.

Personal Fitness Training Program

Our qualified fitness instructor will motivate and guide you as you work towards your personal health and fitness goals, whether you’re looking for enhanced cardiovascular fitness, advanced strength, flexibility or weight loss. The first session will begin with a fitness evaluation.

Ultimate Circuit Challenge

This high-energy circuit training class is designed to energise you and push your fitness levels. Based on timed sets, it pushes you to your limits, with emphasis on high-energy workloads and minimal rest times.

Aqua Spinning

This full-body workout offers the rewards of high-intensity cardio training, while minimising impact on joints and muscles. It improves flexibility, posture and muscle relaxation. Post-work out muscle soreness is reduced significantly, because the motion of the water has a massaging effect, and the freshness of the water lowers your overall body temperature.