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UAE National Careers in Jumeirah

Emiratisation in Jumeirah:

At Jumeirah we are fully committed to hiring, developing and retaining Emiratis who are keen to start a career in hospitality and tourism.

Jumeirah is the leading Hospitality Company in Emiratisation, and we believe Jumeirah Group's 'National Graduate Management Programme' is the first national leadership programme launched in the UAE hotel industry in 2010.

Hospitality is a key fabric of Emirati culture, and the Emiratis in Jumeirah play the role of the ambassadors of hospitality.

Learning & Development:

We pride ourselves on our extensive company Orientation programme that all new colleagues including nationals attend within the first month of joining the company. This programme is then followed by a 2-4 day induction programme in the workplace/hotel/division the colleague will be working at.

We have a strong focus on developing and retaining our national colleagues. We offer a wide range of training and development courses for nationals at all levels through our dedicated Centre for Learning & Development

Our training programmes are designed with colleagues' career growth in mind meaning whilst a colleague is moving up the ranks; a new array of training programmes becomes available to him/her supporting the colleague in their personal growth.

Rewards & Recognitions:

  • Colleague/Team of the Month/Year
  • Colleagues of Exceptional Value
  • Long Service Awards

National Graduate Management Program:

Jumeirah has a dedicated Graduate Management Programme for UAE Nationals in place, allowing fresh national graduates to join the organisation and train in a variety of departments depending on their area of focus.
The programme is part of our aim to develop future Emarati leaders and is available to fresh college and university graduates who have shown great potential to be our hospitality leaders of tomorrow.

What students can expect from this programme?

  • Students will be ready to embrace increasing levels of responsibility and success throughout their career.
  • Jumeirah's expansion into different geographical regions means that we have a number of potential exciting and challenging global career paths. Opportunities are available to join our rapidly growing award winning luxury hospitality organisation.

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