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Saeed Al Dashti - Chief Information Officer


Saeed Al Dashti - Chief Information Officer

Saeed Al Dashti, who was born and raised in the United Arab Emirates, joined Jumeirah Group in January 2008 as Director of IT Security with over 21 years of IT experience including more than eight years of IT security in network and application experience. He has managed IT teams and network infrastructures globally, possesses broad knowledge of a variety of operating systems, software, network protocols, contingency planning strategies and cost recovery.

Saeed became Chief Security Officer at Jumeirah Group in July 2008 before being appointed as Chief Information Officer in 2010.

Before joining Jumeirah, Saeed was with the Dubai Police Headquarters for over 14 years where he was Head of Information and IT Security. Saeed holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronic Engineering from Ajman University in the UAE and is a graduate of the University of Westminster in the United Kingdom where he obtained his Masters Degree in IT Security, specialising in internet and network security.