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Wild Wadi Waterpark

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Guests with special needs at Wild Wadi

Here at Wild Wadi Waterpark we try our best to ensure that our services and facilities are able to accommodate guests with disabilities. 

With a pick up/drop off zone located at the entrance to park alongside a number of dedicated car parking spaces in the car park, getting to Wild Wadi has never been so convenient for guests with accessibility difficulties.  In addition, we have specially adapted shower, changing room and toilet facilities that can accommodate our guests; it is adjacent to the Ladies’ Changing Room.

Guests with disabilities get AED 60 off from the general admission rate. On arrival all entrances are wheelchair accessible but please approach the information desk at the front of the waterpark for information regarding tickets if you have pre booked your attendance.
For group visits, please contact our Sales team for information regarding group tickets and discounts available at +971 4 348 4444.

We allow guests with the following disabilities to bypass any queue at rides:

  • Permanently wheelchair bound
  • Have problems with identifying the concept of queuing
  • Have difficulties with social interaction
  • Have limited capabilities to understand instruction
  • Becomes agitated or distressed if they have to wait for any extended period of time

Due to operational considerations, fast pass entries to some rides and attractions may not be available at all times during your visit. Please speak with a Wild Wadi colleague for more information and availability.

Due to the positioning of some of our rides and the number of steps that lead to their entrance, not all of them can accommodate guests with physical disabilities.

Despite this there is an unimpeded pathway to the Wave Pool and the main seating areas and The Lazy River and Flood River are accessible (with the assistance of a helper or Wild Wadi colleague) with just a small number of steps to descend. Depending upon the guest’s limitations, other rides may not be suitable – but the individual or their carer is always the best judge of this. Please bear in mind that that Wild Wadi’s safety regulations must be adhered to at all times.

These are the rules when riding on the waterpark’s rides:

  • Always follow the guidance and instruction from the lifeguard
  • Should you be in any distress or feel unwell during the wait for the ride you must inform the lifeguard who will call the paramedics
  • If the lifeguard tells you that the ride is unsuitable due to your disability and there is a safety risk then you will not be allowed to embark on the ride
  • Certain rides may require that a disabled person rides with a helper, person over the age of 16 would be considered suitable helpers. Helpers must sit on the same tube as the disabled person
  • Helpers must be able to communicate instructions from the lifeguards to the disabled guest and assist in case of emergency if needed. 

Ride Safety:

  • Several rides are unsuitable for guests with disabilities, pregnant guests, guests with heart or back conditions. All rides have information boards at the entrance to rides containing the ride rules and who can and can’t the ride due to its nature. Please read the signs.
  • We strongly recommend that guests who have recently had surgery or a recent accident ask the Paramedics for advice on the suitability of the ride if they are not sure
  • All our rides are water based, some require that guests are able to maintain an upright position and to be able to hold onto the handles with two hands due to the forces experienced on the rides
  • Not all rides are suitable for all guests. Each ride has operational and safety rules to ensure the riders safety. Wild Wadi will adhere to these rules they are there for your own safety!
  • It is possible to watch many of the rides prior to getting to the entrance, this may help disabled guests or helpers make a decision on the suitability of the ride

The main restaurants at Wild Wadi Waterpark: Julshan’s Kitchen, Sindbad’s Galley & Leila’s Oasis are accessible to wheelchair guests.

We have a licensed team of highly trained lifeguards and qualified paramedics on site to prevent harm to our guests and ensure that they have the safest experience possible. The First Aid Centre is located near the Main Entrance next to General Mahmar’s Corner.

Whilst we have a number of measures in place to accommodate guests with disabilities, we recommend that during busy times those who require intensive one-to-one interaction with a carer try to refrain from using the park and instead come to our quarterly ‘Fun Day Sunday’. 

‘Fun Day Sunday’ is a partnership with Volunteer in UAE where people with disabilities can visit Wild Wadi two hours prior to the opening time. Wild Wadi also supports Senses Residential Care Home for Children with Special Needs with a yearly event that provides a one-to-one service for guests with disabilities with exclusive complimentary access for guests.


The following are the rides that guests with a disability can ride on:

Name of the Ride Type of Slide Guest Should Be Able To Do Ride Rate
White Water Wadi Master Blaster Hold the two handles of the tube all times Thrill
Flood River Flyer Master Blaster Hold the two handles of the tube all times Thrill
Jumeirah Sceirah Speed Slide Cross his/her hands and legs at all times Intensive Thrill
Tantrum Alley Family Slide Able to sit upright and hold two handles Intensive Thrill
Burj Surj Family Slide Able to sit upright and hold two handles Thrill
Wipeout Flowrider Surf Machine Hold the surfing board rail by using two hands at all times Intensive Thrill
Riptide Flowrider Surf Machine Hold the surfing board rail by using two hands at all times Intensive Thrill
Action River  River Able to sit on single or double tube and hold the handles (if wave is on) Moderate
Juha’s Journey Lazy River Able to sit on single or double tube-not really any restrictions Relax
Breaker’s Bay Wave Pool Not really any restrictions, able to swim when waves are on Thrill
Juha’s Dhow and Lagoon Family Play Area Not really any restrictions Thrill


For more information or reservations, please contact us:
Telephone: +971 4 348 4444

Operating hours

  • November to February 10:00 to 18:00

  • March to May 10:00 to 19:00

  • June to August 10:00 to 20:00

  • September to October 10:00 to 19:00

Free entry for in-house guests from selected Jumeirah Hotels!