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Talise Fitness at Madinat Jumeirah

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Talise Fitness

Talise Fitness at Madinat Jumeirah caters to members who are driven to achieve their aspirations successfully. Delivering world class Fitness and Resort facilities, and equipped with the latest technology, our highly experienced team will keep you engaged in the most innovative and attractive programs to promote overall wellbeing. Talise Fitness at Madinat Jumeirah offers the best in fitness and leisure with plenty of options for a complete lifestyle experience.

Want to perfect your swimming technique? Check out the Talise Swim School.

The High Altitude Suite

Twice the effort, in half the time for double the result. The first-of-its-kind High Altitude Suite or LOWOXYGEN® chamber can offer you an increase in overall wellness within a shorter timeframe.  LOWOXYGEN® creates hypoxic atmospheres without changing the air pressure. Your body will adapt to the atmosphere in similar way it would at 3000 meters or more, and will increase your mass of red blood cells, enhancing your aerobic capacity. It will also alter your muscle metabolism to assist in burning fat faster resulting in enhanced health and fitness benefits.

Hotel guests get complimentary access to Talise Fitness. For timetables, personal training and more visit the Talise Fitness website.


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