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The Pavilion Dive Centre

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All Hotel guests can experience Discover Scuba Diving when staying with us.
Learn to dive with a picturesque background!

The Pavilion Dive Centre

Dive into the waters of Dubai, Oman and beyond to discover a whole other world of sunken shipwrecks and exotic sea creatures.

From scuba diving for beginners, right the way through to courses for professional dive instructors, The Pavilion Dive Centre at Jumeirah Beach Hotel has the expertise to make sure your experience is everything you hoped.

Start Your Underwater Journey at Pavilion Dive Centre

The Pavilion Dive Centre at Jumeirah Beach Hotel is the only PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) 5 Star Career Development Centre in the United Arab Emirates. PADI certifications are recognised worldwide, giving you access to diving adventures all over the planet.

From entry-level and children’s diving courses to training you as a professional dive instructor, we have over 30 PADI courses for you to choose from. To make things even easier, our dedicated Instructor Training is available in English, German, French, Russian, Arabic and more.

You’ll find our approach is amazingly flexible. With our PADI e-Learning courses, you can develop your diving knowledge wherever and whenever suits you, before you take your certification dives.

To view our dive courses and price list, please click here.

New Year, New Experiences 

This new year calls for new experiences, and what better way to discover a new world than within the marina-filled waters of Dubai, Oman and beyond. Discover firsthand a whole world of sunken shipwrecks and learn new skills with The Pavilion Dive Centre at Jumeirah Beach Hotel. Offering a range of courses for beginners, right the way through to training professional dive instructors, the team at The Pavilion Dive Centre offer creatively taught classes in a variety of languages. Begin with a ‘Discover Scuba Diving’ course and enjoy a complimentary voucher for the same class during the first 3 months of 2016 so that you can share your experience with friends and loved ones at no extra cost. 

For more information on this offer, please visit our Pavilion Dive Centre Offers Page.


For the total newbie or young diver who are quite apprehensive about diving. We have some Experience Programmes that don't really need a long-term commitment to diving. 

  • Discover Scuba Experience

A fast and easy way to get started as a Scuba Diver is to take part in a PADI Discover Scuba Diving experience. Our diving professionals will introduce you to the basics of scuba diving in a safe controlled environment. During our Discover Scuba Diving experience you may dive directly into the sea from Jumeirah Beach Hotel’s resort beach in shallow, clear water carefully supervised by one of our PADI professional.

We offer a complimentary Discover Scuba Experience to all our hotel guests!

  • Children's Diving Courses

The PADI Bubblemaker experience was designed especially for children aged 8 years and above. Children get to try out scuba diving in the safe surroundings of the resort pools whilst playing a range of safe and fun underwater games with their Instructor.

The PADI SEAL Team is a more comprehensive course for children that offers an ascending series of confidence building activities over a course of five dive classes. The course is packed with challenges and learning opportunities whilst making friends and sharing underwater experiences. This is done through five exciting, swimming pool based dives, called Aqua Missions. These Missions focus on mastering various scuba skills such as mask clearing, neutral buoyancy, out of air emergencies and much more.


PADI certifications are recognized worldwide and give you instant access to diving adventures all over the planet. With PADI’s revolutionary diver e-learning system, becoming a diver has never been so easy.

  • Open Water Diver

Start by completing the world’s most popular entry level certification, the PADI Open Water Course. Once you are a certified PADI diver you can continue your diver education with a choice of over 30 PADI courses.

PADI courses consist of knowledge development, skill development in our resort swimming pools and practical application in open water. Gaining a PADI certification is fun, safe, flexible and extremely rewarding. All courses can be scheduled to meet busy lifestyles or fit into leisurely beach holidays. Never before has it been so convenient to learn to dive.


As a certified open water diver you have learned to plan and dive safely with another diver but now it is time to take your scuba diving to another level. We encourage you to enroll on the PADI Adventures in Diving Course as soon as possible after gaining your PADI Open Water License. This highly recommended follow on course from entry level certification builds on your existing scuba skills and introduces a further five PADI specialty dives which will increase your diving capabilities to 30 metres.

  • Speciality Diver Courses

We all dive for different reasons. Some for the peace and quiet of shallow clear waters, others for the marine wildlife safari and others for the rush of deep wreck dives. For this reason PADI has designed over 30 courses to cater for everyone’s scuba diving desires. Dive down to 40 metres, use Enriched Air Nitrox, penetrate fascinating shipwrecks, become an underwater photographer, dive at night, the list goes on. Choose your niche and go beyond with PADI Specialty Courses.

  • Rescue Diver Courses Overview

Challenging and rewarding best describe the PADI Rescue Diver course. Building upon what you’ve already learned, this course expands on what you already know about how to prevent problems, and how to manage them if they occur. The Rescue Course is a comprehensive look at what causes the majority of diving accidents with a practical look at preventing, reducing and responding to common problems. A physically challenging course that helps you assist other divers and also allows you to identify and address your own diving challenges. Round off your recreational competency with the PADI Rescue Diver Course.

Emergency First Response (EFR) is an essential course that teaches First Aid and CPR techniques for assisting casualties of diving and non diving accidents. The Basic Life Support (BLS) course results in EFR certification and is recognized the world over as a prerequisite for all professional level diving courses and other industry minimums. PADI Oxygen Provider is a thorough introduction to the human cardiovascular system, its need for Oxygen and how to assist with decompression injuries. This course is an excellent supplement to Emergency First Response and PADI rescue Diver courses.


The Pavilion Dive Centre is the only PADI 5 Star Career Development Centre in the United Arab Emirates. Choosing the right Course Director and the right Career Development Centre for your instructor training is the most important decision you will make prior to entering the dive industry as a professional educator.

  • PADI Divemaster 

The PADI Divemaster rating is where your adventure as a dive professional begins. For those of you that decide scuba diving can be more than a recreational endeavor and are interested in exploring the professional potential it may hold, acquiring the PADI Divemaster rating is an essential step in the process of becoming a PADI Instructor. The Divemaster course puts you on our side of the boat. You will learn in great detail the physics and physiology of diving as well as several other key academic areas. Learn how to lead and be responsible for certified divers and how to assist with student divers in training. An internship will make you part of our Dive Team allowing you to learn the business of diving as well as progressing up the PADI ladder.

Our new 3-week Divemaster course conveniently scheduled over local weekends makes it the most convenient Divemaster course in the region. You may need to spend additional days with us to complete the required 60 dives and necessary assists to certify. The PADI Divemaster Course is the latest course supported by PADI eLearning. To get started now, visit the PADI eLearning Divemaster Course Online.

  • Instructor Development Course

The PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) is the world’s most respected Instructor training process that will combine all of your diving and none diving skills, molding you into an Instructor of the world’s finest Diving Association, PADI. Our Experienced Course Director and Staff are dedicated to your success as a diving professional.

Completed over 8 straight days or conveniently over UAE weekends we complete the course at a sensible pace allowing you to fully develop and have fun at the same time. The IDC is composed of lecture style knowledge development in a classroom setting along with further development in confined and open water. On completion of the IDC you will be able to teach scuba diving from Bubblemaker experience, through to the popular Open Water Course, and through to the PADI Divemaster.

The Instructor Development team at The Pavilion Dive Centre has a combined wealth of over 20 years of training PADI professionals so you know you are in the right hands. The Instructor Development course is now part eLearning based and to get started you will need to enroll online. The IDC is made up of two sub courses, the PADI Assistant Instructor (AI) and the PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI).

  • Master Scuba Diver 

Following your recent Instructor Qualification you now have the opportunity to enroll in a Master Scuba Diver Trainer programme. This will certify you as an Instructor in at least five Speciality areas allowing you to teach and certify your student divers in those particular disciplines they really enjoy. As a diver or dive educator, something makes you tick. Do you get a kick out of Wreck, Deep or Nitrox diving? Share your passion for these and other disciplines by becoming a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer. The PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer moves you one rung up the ladder in a matter of days and bolsters your professional resume. This rating is a must if you are to continue on to PADI Staff Instructor and beyond.

  • IDC Staff Instructor 

As a Master Scuba Diver Trainer, your next logical main stream step is to become a PADI IDC Staff Instructor. Become a Course Director's right hand and assist with the development of new Instructor candidates on IDC courses. As a PADI IDCS you will audit and assist on all IDC courses with particular focus on the IDC itself. You will take OWSI candidates under your wing and help them through the learning process. You will receive such a feeling of accomplishment as you see your candidates successfully pass the PADI IE.

By completing the PADI IDC Staff course, you will be able to teach and certify Assistant Instructors independently too in preparation of joining the OWSI course. This rating will give your professional resume a tremendous boost by gaining the highest Instructor level rating possible, before becoming a PADI Master Instructor.

PADI e-Learning:

Knowledge development for popular PADI courses can be completed online through PADI’s e-learning facility and major languages are available. PADI eLearning gives you totally flexibility over where and when you learn. Never before has it been so convenient to learn to dive. Here at the Pavilion Dive Centre, we lead the industry and have adopted an eLearning approach for related courses. Skill development takes place in our resort pools over a series of dives and finally your certification dives take place in either the Arabian Gulf or the mighty Musandam.

To activate your PADI course all you need to do is follow this link and follow a simple sign up process. Click here.

Jumeirah Tawasul:

The Pavilion Dive Centre, with the help of Tawasul and Disabled Divers International aims to offer:

  • Specialised training for Diving Professionals in our community to make diving more accessible to the disabled community.
  • Subsidised training for instructors.
  • Subsidised training for the disabled community.

Disabled Divers International

The Pavilion Dive Centre, located in Jumeirah Beach Hotel is proud to be the first and only Disabled Diving Centre inthe UAE with professional DDI (Disabled Divers International) Instructors and Dive Masters.

Disabled Divers International (DDI) is a non-profit organisation with the aim to promote, develop and conduct disabled scuba diving training programmes for professional and non-professional diving students. DDI programmes add a new layer on top of the existing diver training; enabling individuals who would have difficulties fulfilling all requirements and standards to experience diving safely with modifications and enhancements to their training and or equipment.

The team at Pavilion Dive Centre, taught a young Palestinian man, Khalil how to scuba dive. Khalil, a double amputee and a survivor from Gaza, experienced the wonderful world of the ocean depths for the first time.To read more of his incredible story, click here.

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