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Talise Fitness Programmes

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Talise Fitness Programmes

Ultimate Wellbeing for Life Programme

A completely integrated 12-week programme including our Ultimate Fitness, Nutrition and Relaxation programmes combined to enhance your life.

Ultimate Fitness Programme

Transform your body in 12 weeks with this bespoke one-to-one programme including a fitness assessment, programming, personal training sessions, an initial nutritional consultation and follow-up workshops.

Ultimate Fitness Retreat

An action packed four-days and three-nights programme developed to combine the very best in physical fitness instruction and training, healthy dining, spa treatments and personal mentoring.

Fitness for Life

Take the time to identify your physical state and develop the right combination of movement and strength techniques to assist you in reaching a much stronger physical state by working body and mind.

Fitness for Life Programmes

All programmes include physical assessment, programming and personal fitness sessions.

Fitness for Wellbeing
Fitness for Detox
Fitness for Weight Loss
Fitness for Stress Relief
Fitness for Ultimate Fitness
Fitness for Diabetes Care
Fitness for Wedding Bliss
Fitness for Life

Fitness Assessments and Training

Fitness Assessment | 60 minutes
Fitness Programming | 120 minutes
Personal Training Session | 60 minutes
Private Training Session in Studio
Group Wellbeing and Fitness Classes
One-to-one Mind Body Session

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