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Arabic Wedding Experience

Arabic Wedding Experience
Arabic Wedding Experience
Arabic Wedding Experience

Arabic Wedding Experience

Experience the grandness of an Arabian wedding.

Soak in the mystical beauty that surrounds an Arabian wedding. Relive the charmed life of the royals in a palatial setting with minarets and towers, silk and flowers.

Experience a true Arabian wedding, complete with traditional ceremonies at Madinat Jumeirah. Our wedding specialists keep in mind the sensitivities of the culture and plan every occasion with special consideration.The resort can also cater to separate celebrations for ladies and gentlemen, at venues adjacent to each other.

Wedding Package

  • One night stay at the Resort with honeymoon amenities and breakfast
  • Complimentary wedding cake designed by our cake artist
  • Complimentary Valet parking service for all the wedding guests
  • 10% of the minimum guarantee number of guest will be on top for free in case of any extra attendances 
  • Complimentary dance floor
  • Professional wedding coordinator to assist the wedding couple for all the arrangements from the hotel side
  • Hotel standard collection of table linens and chair covers
  • Access opportunity to Madinat Jumeirah Resort for photo shoot
  • Complimentary Abra Tour around the Resort for the couple on the day of the wedding

Ladies Wedding

  • One changing room for the bride next the wedding venue for ladies wedding only.
  • Abaya service for ladies guests.

 Gents Wedding

  •  VIP Majlis with Full Lounge setup and amenities.

For more information on our exclusive wedding packages or to arrange an appointment with our dedicated wedding team, please contact:

Tel: +971 4 366 5354 or +971 4 366  6846