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The Perfume

The Perfume

Our colleagues often go the extra mile but when one loyal guest in London made a seemingly impossible request, the team went above and beyond the call of duty.

The mission was to source a favourite bottle of fragrance a guest had bought at Dubai Airport, but had subsequently used up. He had searched high and low for a new bottle on his travels, but was unsuccessful.

During a trip to Jumeirah Carlton Tower, he asked Nigel Bowen, Head Concierge, if he could help. Unfortunately the fragrance wasn’t available anywhere outside of Dubai International Airport. In fact it was made exclusively for Dubai Duty Free (DDF). To make the task even harder, liquids cannot be couriered internationally.

Undeterred, the concierge continued with his quest and a plan was hatched. Made possible by a number of colleagues who were travelling, money to buy five bottles was sent from London to Oscar van der Veen, Concierge Manager at Burj Al Arab in Dubai. A contact from DDF then kindly agreed to drop the bottles off at the hotel and another colleague transported them back to London en-route to the World Travel Market.

Six weeks from the original request, the bottles arrived safely at Jumeirah Carlton Tower and were presented to the guest on his next visit to the hotel. “The look on his face was priceless! The kind of smile that only Jumeirah could help produce.”

A big thank you from Nigel Bowen to all involved for their help and extraordinary display of team work. “It is the power of collaboration and passion to serve our guests that truly makes Jumeirah a STAY DIFFERENT™ brand”.