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Supperclub Dubai

Supperclub Dubai

Scintillating, sensual, and superbly stylish are some words that spring to mind upon entering the Supperclub.

Of course, they could also apply to the glittering guests who come here to let their hair down, eat and be entertained. DJs from world-renowned clubs set a pulsing beat while noted musicians, performers and art vie for attention.

Striking original cuisine and entertainment await at six dining areas, featuring ‘haute European’ fusion delicacies that surprise and delight. Servers encourage guests to experiment and enjoy each distinctive experience in a cosy, informal setting. Eat, listen, laugh, dance, have fun. Everything is possible and nothing is obligatory.

Each visit to the Supperclub at Jumeirah Zabeel Saray in Dubai comes with the promise of a unique, extraordinary experience, where guests can simply be themselves and surrender to their senses.