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Sunset Incense Ceremony

Jumeirah Himalayas Sunset Ceremony

Incense has been an essential part of the Chinese way of life for over two thousand years, used both for relaxation and to cleanse and energise spaces. Sandalwood, frankincense, agarwood and spices arriving in China through the Silk Route, were carefully blended to create exotic fragrances, with dedicated incense rituals developing into a sophisticated art form over the years.

Specially designed in accordance with the contemporary luxury Chinese setting of the Jumeirah Lobby, the ceremony is performed at sunset by three female practitioners dressed in traditional Han costumes. Each step and gesture taken during the ceremony is designed to reflect human respect and appreciation for nature.

The ten-minute Jumeirah Sunset Incense Ceremony creates an atmosphere of balance, calm and harmony for hotel guests after a hectic day. You can also enjoy the Ceremony while drinking one of the specialty Chinese teas available in the Lobby Lounge at 5pm during weekdays.