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Silky Smooth Entertainment in the Lobby

Silky Smooth Entertainment in the Lobby

Lobbies play a very important role in every hotel. They are the heart of the property, where people meet, eat and greet. In a luxury hotel, they are transformed into a cultural hub, reflecting the essence of the location – at Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel Shanghai they take it to a whole new level transforming the guest experience into an unforgettable insight into Chinese culture.

The hotel stages a traditional Sunset Incense Ceremony in the lobby every evening. It even provides specially designed art tours with an iPod nano bringing the property’s Chinese artworks to life. The latest addition is a new entertainment programme featuring traditional Chinese folk dancing and instruments.

Enjoy the traditional Chinese ‘Water Sleeve Dance’ performance, which is one of the most dramatic forms of Chinese dance, in which a dancer uses long silk sleeves to accentuate her hand and arm movements, whirling them around like banners or ribbons.

Transport yourself into a different era by attending the regular performances, which are held every Thursday from 6pm to 9pm and every Sunday from 12pm to 3pm in the lobby of Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel Shanghai.