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Dubai Culture

Dubai Culture
Years of history and tradition coexist with the stunning modern architecture and world class attractions.
Dubai Culture

Dubai Culture

Visit Dubai and experience the city's vibrant culture. It's a place like no other - hundreds of years of history and tradition charmingly coexist with the stunning modern architecture and world class attractions. From desert experiences to a ride along Dubai Creek in an iconic Abras, or water taxi, the city's unique culture is waiting to be explored.

Culture in Old Dubai

To experience the historic culture of this fascinating Emirate, visit Old Dubai. This part of Dubai is home to historic attractions, such as Jumeirah Mosque, the largest of its kind in the city. Guided tours are available and the structure is particularly impressive when illuminated at night.

For a traditional glimpse of Dubai, the city's historic Bastakiya District has been restored, preserving the unique architecture in the area and drawing new visitors to the cafes and galleries the area calls home. To learn more about the culture in Old Dubai, tours run by the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding promote cultural understanding and conduct special tours of Jumeirah Mosque and the Bastakiya.

Dubai Global Village

One of the most popular cultural attractions in Dubai is its Global Village. Founded in 1996, this annual festival hosts kiosks from countries around the world, each of which showcases its particular culture. Here, visitors have the opportunity to see replicas of famous global landmarks, including the Eiffel Tower, as well as traditional performances from a range of nations. Fireworks shows take place throughout the festival, serving as a testament to Dubai's rich cultural heritage.

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